evohome training for installers

In this training you will learn:

  • Why and where would you use evohome
  • evohome components
  • What the standard terms are that you will need to know when working with the installer and user guides
  • What the difference is between a multi room zone and a single room zone and what advantages there are in both
  • What to consider when you are surveying the property prior to installation, what makes up a zone; and how to create a zoning plan for your customer
  • What to think about when installing the components
  • Two ways of carrying out a signal strength test at the property before you have started installation
  • Installation preparation and the best way of carrying out an installation when you are in the property, this includes Setting up the Remote Gateway; when to consider Automatic Balancing and working with unvented cylinders
  • How to test the system
  • Registering the system on the website and the mobile App
  • How to hand evohome over to the home owner
  • A few technical tips and fixes not covered in the basic installation
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